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  • · Ensure effective and regular communication takes place with all other team
    members, including management.
    · To attend all meetings (e.g. supervisions, team meetings) as requested.
    · To ensure a consistency of approach in terms of support is afforded by other staff
    and outside agencies.
    · To contribute to improving the quality of support / care provided through working
    with others.
    · To ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times in respect of the individuals who
    we support and the company in general.
    · To have a good working knowledge of all Company Policies and Procedures and to
    ensure that these are put into practice.
    · To ensure that Company’s stated philosophy and ethics of excellence are
    implemented in practice within the service.
    · To be aware of and adhere to Health and Social Care Codes of Conduct, Care
    Quality Commission Legislation and other national guidelines that promote best
    · To ensure that the principles of person centred working are apparent in all
    interactions with the people we support
    · To ensure that all Health & Safety practices are adhered to at all times and report
    any hazards or potential hazards to your line manager.
    · To undertake such other tasks as may be deemed appropriate to the post and the
    remit of the service.

    · To undertake learning and development and personal development activities to
    ensure that skills are developed and maintained and are appropriate to the needs of
    the people who use our service.


  • In addition to the above, typical Senior Carer Duties include but not limited to:

  • •           Routinely overseeing and monitoring other care workers;

  • •           taking responsibility for the shift and for the service while on duty;

  • •           responding to emergencies and providing guidance and support to other care workers;

  • •           assisting and enabling service users to do activities of daily living in a person centred way such as for example: dress, undress, wash, use the toilet and bathe

Job description

Posts: Senior Care Worker / Care workers and home carers

Accountable to: Registered Service Manager
Reporting to: Team Leader/Care Coordinator

Job purpose:

· To provide direct care and support to the individuals who use our services by assisting, preparing and enabling the development of their social, physical, personal
and health care needs in accordance with their Personal Centred Plan.
· To work as part of a team, working closely with families, friends, advocates and
other health and social care professionals to ensure the people we support lead the
lives they choose.
· To safeguard vulnerable adults and ensure their safety and wellbeing.
Key responsibilities:
· Encourage and facilitate the autonomy, personal choice, preferences and
independence of the individuals we support, in all areas of their lives and where
specified in their Person Centred Support plans and Risk assessments.
· Assist in the planning of recreational, social, vocational, educational events and
activities, escorting and supporting individuals as necessary during such activities
including out in the community.
· To maintain up to date, accurate, legible and concise written and financial records,
in respect of the individuals we support. This should be done in a timely manner
and includes, but isn’t exclusive to; daily notes, diaries, communication book,
notes relating to support plans, rota registers and finance transactions sheets.

  • · To safely and competently support people in taking medication in accordance with
    the care / support plan, relevant documents and policies and procedures where
    necessary. To monitor and record the administration of medication accurately. To
    ensure any issues relating to the administration of medication are recorded and
    reported in a timely manner.
    · To support individuals to make decisions, in accordance with capacity to make
    those decisions and in line with any recording undertaken through the mental
    capacity act.
    · To support individuals to maintain their rights, dignity, privacy and respect at all

    · To support people with their personal care where appropriate and necessary,
    ensuring their dignity is safeguarded and respected at all times.
    · To act as a keyworker if assigned.
    · To establish and maintain effective working / professional relationships /
    boundaries and communications with the individuals who we support and their
    support network, including relatives, friends, advocates and other health care
    · To report any concerns as soon as practically possible such as, abuse, accident or
    incidents, changes in health behaviour or circumstances (no matter how minor) to
    management and to utilise the on call out of hours systems to seek advice and
    support when necessary, and following any local guidance.
    · To follow, actively participate in and contribute to the Person Centred Planning
    process on a regular basis.

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