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Online Training 

What We Offer

This is a list of the few courses  we offer 

​ include but not limited to:

Autistic Spectrum
Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults 
Conflict Management
Customer Care
Safe Administration of Medication
Basic Life Support
Emergency First Aid at Work
Infection Control & Prevention
Managing Behaviours That Challenge
Care Certificate-all 15 standards
Bespoke training and many more courses

Over 40 online courses!!

 Online training Services. We provider a wholesome online training Course. Which Provides for all health care  online training needs.

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Your staff can now access their training online, accessing more than 40 courses, anytime, with great support 24/7 at low, low prices. Just fill out the inquiry form and we will be in touch. Those on any of our Health & Social Care Support Plans are currently receiving free online training!

For online courses login visit:  - then click on- company login:

For more information call us on:  


01582278512 or 07868182320 

/ 07988657372;

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