-Supported SMEs ie.private healthcare services provision companies successfully prepare for CQC inspections and interviews, renegotiate rates, write successful NHS as well as Social Services tenders in various counties


-Supported SMEs re-write policy docs and align them to internal operational processes


-Supported SMEs implement appraisal system for both professionals and non-professionals


-Designed fit for purpose bespoke training programs after conductiing robust training needs analysis


-Designed robust management and support staff induction programs


-Supported SMEs put in place pragmatic cost effective recruitment and selection strategies













Supported SMEs Directors identify different job roles they should assume so as to avoid and reduce clashes and confict.


-Supported family run SMEs to be professional and create strategies to separate work issues from family issues 


-Supported SMEs to create upward mobility strategies for workers and formulate fit for purpose succession plans

Supported MSEs to recruit locally and from abroad

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